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Coping in lockdown

How will you cope when you are self isolating, you are working from home and you have children?

Life has changed dramatically in the last few weeks and what sounded so abnormal has now become the normal.   Your kids are no longer at school and you are now expected to be their home tutor as well as their parent, you are working from home and you are self-isolating due to either showing symptoms of COVID-19 or the medication you are taking putting you in the vulnerable category.

The kids are bored, your work is piling up, and you can’t get to the shops for food or medication. How will you cope?

First of all the children do not need a minute by minute schedule like they would have on a school day.  You could set them the task of weighing-out ingredients for baking, ask them to see how many different birds or insects they can spot outside and then find interest facts about them, lots of zoos are sharing live streams of animals, they can join in many of the exercises that are being shown online, they can paint a rainbow to put in the window, make things out of left over paper and card or they can just sit and watch a movie.   There are lots of other ideas, if you have any that you think could benefit others then please share them by replying to this blog.

While you are entertaining them you also are trying to work from home.  This isn’t easy as you are not in your normal surroundings and it’s hard to stay focussed.  Your normal working hours are 9 to 5 but this is not going to be practical with the demands of the children at home.  Speak to your boss.  Have a clear plan as to what needs to be done, what could be done if you have the time, and what can be left.  If things become too much then see if you can work out a way to cut down the work load. If anyone has any useful tips for juggling between home schooling and working them please share them with others.

Due to your medication you now have to self isolate.  You can’t go out for much needed exercise, you can’t go to the shops for food or medication.   If you are struggling with psoriasis it is important to continue your treatment regime click here and if you have arthritis it is important to keep your joints moving as much as you can click here.  Try to eat a well-balanced diet, drink plenty of water and if you can try to avoid smoking and alcohol.

Repeat prescriptions should be put in slightly earlier than normal as due to increased demand they can take a little longer to prepare.  If your pharmacy doesn’t deliver to you then see if you can get help from one of the many NHS volunteers that have signed up. To-date over 750,000 people have signed up. If you need help don’t be afraid to call them.  Has anyone had experience of using them yet? If so it would be nice to hear how they have made a difference for you.

Getting a delivery for online shopping is becoming increasingly hard as slots are taken as soon as they are released.  Most supermarkets release slots around midnight so if you can maybe that is the best time to try.  A lot of small independent shops and restaurants are now offering delivery services and you can order a food box from Morrison’s  which contains enough essential food for a week at a cost of £35.00. You are self-isolating for a reason so please don’t be tempted to nip to the shops yourself.

Remember your children will not fall behind in their school work as all children are in the same boat, your work may have to sometimes take a back seat, your medication should not be stopped without advice from your healthcare provider and while life seems to have taken a slower pace it has given us all the chance to slow down.

Look after yourself and stay safe!



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