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Psoriasis and beard hair

I'm writing to ask about a psoriasis symptom that I haven't seen discussed online. I have been diagnosed with psoriasis, and I have patches on my scalp, chest, and elbows. But I have also noticed that I appear to have psoriasis in my beard as well. Not the skin underneath my beard, the beard hair itself.

Unfortunately I cannot attach photos here, …

Psoriasis and sugar

I had really bad psoriasis and read that giving up sugar could help.

Within 24 hours I thought it was probably helping but thought it was also probably the placebo effect. That was around five years ago and I am still Psoriasis free. Yet I don’t read anything about this. Why not?

COVID vaccine and ESR

Since having the covid vaccine my ESR as gone down from 35 to 5, usually over the years if my ESR went under 20 then I felt so good, and the pain is much less and I could walk more. It made a lot of difference. 

In the 20 years since the hospital has been checking my bloods my esr has never been 5 always over 20. Has anyone else’s ESR And CRP gone …

Psoriasis and male fertility

Hello, my husband of two years has psoriasis, so I am new to it and just learning. We are trying to have our first baby, and I saw some information online that psoriasis contributes to infertility in men (but not in women). The only thing I was able to find on your site on the topic was this…

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