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Pso Pscience

Pso Science A PAPAA Research Digest
A bi-annual review

Recent science research about psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Over the past two-decades there has been a revolution in our understanding of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, both in terms of basic immunology, disease mechanisms and therapeutics.

This science based newsletter is designed to provide a summary of recently published research. Of course, it’s never a good time to have psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, but if you have to have it, there has never been a better time!

It is available online as a download, and is included as hard-copy in Skin 'n' Bones Connection

The material has been written and brought together by PAPAA medical advisor Dr David Ashton.

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Pso Pscience: Issue one, April 2022.


  • Air pollution may trigger psoriasis flares
  • A new topical treatment
  • Fish oils and vitamin D and
  • Overweight increases the risk factor of psoriatic arthritis

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Pso Pscience: Issue two, October 2022.


  • The Global Psoriasis Atlas (GPA)
  • Gamechanger in psoriasis treatment
  • Does drug treatment influence the development of psoriatic arthritis?
  • Obstructive sleep apnoea and psoriasis and

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Pso Pscience: Issue three, April 2023.


  • Maternal psoriasis and premature births
  • In sickness and in health
  • Dead Sea spa holidays and
  • Another milestone in drug therapy

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Pso Pscience: Issue four, October 2023.


  • Dental health and psoriasis
  • Does vitamin D supplementation improve psoriasis severity?
  • Psoriasis and bone disease and
  • Outcome of COVID-19 infection in patients with psoriasis

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Pso Pscience: Issue five, April 2024


  • Is psoriasis associated with specific occupations?
  • New risk-predictor for psoriatic arthritis
  • Under-diagnosis of psoriasis in UK general practice and
  • The last word on Vitamin D in psoriasis

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From reader of issue 3:

"This is a fascinating read - thank you PAPAA for putting out this excellent brief paper! I certainly identified with the article 'In sickness and in health'. As we know, Psoriasis can cause so much stress and anxiety. Also, I have tried Dead Sea Salts at home, but didn't see any improvement in my skin. I wonder if it makes a difference if you visit the area and take the salts there? Exciting news about the Sotyktu drug!"