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Are there connections with menopause and/or HRT use and psoriasis flare?

Yes, there is some anecdotal evidence that the menopause can result in a psoriasis flare, primarily due to changes in female hormones, especially oestrogen.  However, the available scientific evidence suggests otherwise.  A large study of more than 163,000 women published in 2015, concluded that there is no consistent relationship between…

Interactions with methotrexate.

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is touted as an anti-ageing miracle pill, but there is scant evidence to support such a claim.  I have looked in the literature and, so far as I am aware, there is not likely to be any significant interaction with methotrexate. 

 Pterostilbene is marginally more interesting, because it is chemically very…

Learning at work week - Safe use of emollients

This #learningatworkweek we are reminding healthcare professionals of the fire risk associated with the use of emollient skin creams and how to support your patients to promote the safe use of emollients.

Fabric and clothing with dried on emollient skin creams becomes flammable.

Avoid exposure to naked flames and other potential ignition sources,…

JustGiving - The 2.6 Challenge

JustGiving has launched The 2.6 Challenge Save UK's Charities. 

"Many fundraising events in the UK have been postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst we are all hopeful many of these events will go ahead at a later date, many charities across the UK have been left struggling to maintain their services.

These charities need our…

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