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The PAPAA Forum: Julie Chandler

Animal poisons line

Most of us each day are on automatic pilot, doing things without even thinking and that can be the problem! Many of us, young and older people are dog owners, owners of therapy dogs, cat owners, have house rabbits and other pets, that roam our homes. Some of us can have mild to severe disability issues or other ailments that require us to take…

Skin 'n' Bones Connection #51

I'm pleased to share our latest journal with you. Lockdown may have affected many activities, but we were determined to get issue 51 of Skin 'n' Bones Connections out to subscribers. In this edition we cover a number of issues, including: Global Psoriasis Atlas, psoriasis and migraine, psoriasis and depression, plus much more.

The journal is…

Vitamin D

During this extraordinary period as many of us are still self-isolating or working from home, there is a fear that we're not getting enough vitamin D.

Vitamin D is made in the skin by the action of sunlight and this is the main source of vitamin D for most people, so being stuck inside, we may be at risk of not getting enough. In 2016 Public…