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It's so difficult to get an appointment at my GP surgery

I have had psoriasis for over 30 years. It started in my late 20s after the birth of my first child. I used steroid creams for years but the skin on my knees & elbows got so thin the slightest knock & it would bleed.  So I stopped using the prescribed medication & just used moisturisers. I have asked for a referral to a dematologist but its refused every time.  I was at the hospital with my son once (he was having a mole removed) the nurse saw my psoriasis and said "Get a referral we can clear that for you". But my doctor said 'No'. I've had it in my scalp but I managed to clear that with a specialist shampoo (no longer available). My fingernails are affected, they split constantly. When the GP looked at them she said it was psoriasis. Can't recommend anything other than keep them out of water!

I've been to the doctor this year regarding pain in my left hip & toes on my right foot becoming misshapen.  I researched & thought it may be psoriatic arthritis, but it has taken 2 x-rays, a blood test & 2 steroid injections for the doctor to agree & finally refer me to a specialist. But the appointment isn't till next January, a year after the first x-ray.  I don't want to keep having injections with out knowing what is causing the pain, so all I can take are paracetamol or ibruprofen.  Stronger pain killers on prescription upset my stomach (I have IBS also).

I'm feeling more depressed now I've researched on the internet about it. There are other treatments, but how do I get them? It's so difficult to get an appointment at my GP surgery I don't bother till it's really bad.

Submitted by a 57 year old female living in England

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