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How can you help?

Be supportive and understanding

The dynamics of family life varies and each family copes differently, if a member of your family has psoriasis and or psoriatic arthritis, you are well placed to help and understand how they feel.

  • A member of my immediate family has psoriasis, will I get it too?  You cannot catch psoriasis, but it can be inherited, therefore you will have an increased risk as you share the same gene pool, and psoriasis does run in families, but its not a certainty that you will develop it. Learn more.
  • Will I get psoriatic arthritis? As someone with a family history of psoriasis, you will have an increased risk, but that doesn't mean that you will develop psoriatic arthritis. Learn more.
  • How should I support my family member? A family should be a safe environment, where you do not need to hide your problems. For someone affected with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, it can be difficult to cope with the conditions, particularly at work or social situations. Be supportive and understanding and try not to bully or make fun of their condition. You could help them to cope and understand the condition better, which will show you care and also help them in situations outside of the family group. Learn more.