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In Memoriam

In Memoriam Psoriasis Charity
Support in someone's memory

If you would like to raise money for PAPAA in memory of someone, you can create a page from our JustGiving

Highlight your memories
Tell the story of the person you’re remembering and explain why you’re raising money in their memory, using words and photos.

Raise money securely
Wherever they are, whenever they want to donate, friends and family can give to your page easily, safely and securely. And they can choose to hide the amount they give or donate anonymously.

Remember together
An In Memory Collection page is automatically created when someone dedicates a fundraising page to the memory of a loved one. It brings together all the fundraising being done in their memory, making it easy to see friends and family who are also raising money.

See your impact
Your Collection lasts forever as a legacy of the person being remembered, showing the impact of all the fundraising taking place in their memory.



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