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Personal journeys

To say they changed my life would be an understatement

Since the age of about 9 I have had moderate to severe psoriasis. PsA developed in my 30s.

Unless you suffer with psoriasis, you don’t know the half-of-it

I have suffered with psoriasis since I was 7 years of age, growing up through school especially High School it was tough...

I refused to go outside without covering it with heavy makeup

I've had psoriasis roughly since I was 12 years old, although it wasn't until I was 18 that I was officially diagnosed. Having been pushed around from GP to GP for six years, each convinced I had eczema...

I was diagnosed with my first psoriatic flare at age 8

There have been many ups and downs in this journey. I was diagnosed with my first psoriatic flare at age 8, after I had chicken pox, mumps and then strep throat that became Scarlet fever.

I'm now 44 and it looks like it has developed in to psoriatic arthritis

I'm in so much pain with my legs that I feel such a failure. I don’t want this to affect my life and I just want to find some support to help me and others through...

About 5 years ago my husband was diagnosed with coeliac dIsease

I had psoriasis for 30 years, it was concentrated on my joints until about 10 years ago when I developed spots all over my body.

About ten years with psoriasis arthritis

About ten years with psoriasis arthritis. Could not walk anymore almost. Coursed by long during stress.

It seems like my joint pain is not as bad now

I have had problems with the skin and associated arthritis since 1977; My GP has started me on B12 injections and D3 medications.

I've had psoriasis for 3-4 years

I've had psoriasis for 3-4 years it's full body. It came on with stress; I've tried the creams and sprays, not much of an affect on condition.

My GP is a star and really helpful

I’m getting tired of talking about my symptoms with my family; my lovely wife I know grows tired of it. I was diagnosed in 2016 when I was 54.

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