It seems like my joint pain is not as bad now

I have had problems with the skin and associated arthritis since 1977; My GP has started me on B12 injections and D3 medications.

I've had psoriasis for 3-4 years

I've had psoriasis for 3-4 years it's full body. It came on with stress; I've tried the creams and sprays, not much of an affect on condition.

My GP is a star and really helpful

I’m getting tired of talking about my symptoms with my family; my lovely wife I know grows tired of it. I was diagnosed in 2016 when I was 54.

I hope I am not alone

I just want to share my story, ‘living with psoriasis’. I am a student at the age of 23.

A long way to go, but I will find a new normal

I am 38 and in the summer of 2018 I was diagnosed with scalp psoriasis for the first time in my life. I have no family history of psoriasis or any other skin disorders.

I get sun whenever I can

I was diagnosed with psoriasis when I was 5-years old after I got my ears pierced. I found out that my father had it as well and I inherited it through him.

I now have psoriasis back after 20 years

I have had psoriasis since the age of 12; it changed my life from going out socially to becoming home bound never having the confidence to go out in the daytime, only in the dark hours.

Methotrexate has been a miracle for me

I have had psoriasis for 10 years now.  About a year ago my rheumatologist who put me on methotrexate, retired, so I was taken off my medication by a new rheumatologist due to high liver function test.

I’ve run out of patience with misdiagnosis and medications

I have recently been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in my spine, at 42. I feel like I'm 102, and been through three different doctors this is my last one in my city.

It is a part of my life

I have had psoriasis since I was 14.  I am 22 now and it has always been the same. I believe it is a disease, when people only associate you as 'psoriasis' rather than a person.  Besides that, for me it is nothing to worry about, it is a part of my life and all aspects of my life, even the best and worse parts.

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