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This booklet gives the origins, history, aims and objectives of PAPAA along with what services we provide and organisational policies.  

In this full colour DL sized 8 page stapled booklet about the Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Alliance you will be able to read about the detailed work, activities and educational resources that the charity provides and supports including:

  • What is PAPAA?
  • About PAPAA
  • PAPAA's philosophy
  • What does PAPAA offer?
  • The PAPAA website
  • Accessing information
  • Social media
  • Digital news
  • Skin 'n' Bones Connection
  • Free membership
  • Confidential support
  • What else does PAPAA do?
  • Can you get involved with PAPAA?
  • How is PAPAA funded?
  • History of PAPAA

    Reviewed and revised Jan 2020