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Do you feel tired?

Why Does My Psoriatic Condition Make Me Tired
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It is normal to feel tired after exertion, insufficient sleep or at the end of the day; this tiredness is usually relieved by rest or sleep. With fatigue associated with psoriatic disease, the symptoms often go beyond normal tiredness and can include decreased or lack of energy with accompanying physical or mental exhaustion. These symptoms usually persist even after a good night’s sleep.

What causes fatigue?

Inflammation appears to be part of the process of feeling fatigued, but researchers do not know exactly what the link is, or how increased levels of inflammatory substances in the body influence fatigue.

A number of published scientific studies suggest that fatigue is an integral part of psoriatic disease, although there appears to be little link between levels of fatigue and disease severity. Overall, it is often dismissed by doctors as trivial, but people find that it can be very debilitating and affect their ability to function or carry out daily tasks, including work and studies. Read more.