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Can emollients help psoriasis?

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| Category: Psoriasis Highlight

Do emollients really help psoriasis? After months and sometimes years of applying a vast array of different creams, the patches may still be there - so why bother? Emollients cannot cure psoriasis, but they are important in managing its severity and offer considerable skin benefits. Unfortunately, many people are not told how to apply them correctly.

What are the benefits?

Scale removal - Emollients clear superficial scale. This is helpful for several reasons. Cosmetically, the plaques look better and they are less troublesome when dressing etc. Scale removal also allows easier application, and possibly enhanced penetration, of other topical (applied to the skin) treatments.

Softening – Emollients lubricate and soften the patches, making them more comfortable and more flexible so they’re less likely to crack.

Soothing – If your psoriasis is itchy, emollients could soothe and help relieve the irritation.

Research indicates that emollients may also slow down the rate of cell turnover, but further investigation into this is still required.

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