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Psoriasis In Practice

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eLearning for healthcare professionals

Psoriasis in Practice (PIP)

This programme has been accredited by the RCN Centre for Professional Accreditation until April 29th 2021

Psoriasis in Practice is a patient-centred education programme, using patient interviews and case studies, clearly illustrates the everyday impact of psoriatic disease on the individual.

The programme helps nurses and healthcare professionals understand the individual needs of people with psoriasis, including how to assess and safely manage treatment for psoriasis patients.

Psoriasis in Practice emphasises holistic care and informed choice, putting patients and their families at the centre, for all their needs concerning coping with and treating psoriasis.

Communication with psoriasis patients is emphasised, participants can learn with real life psoriasis patients (as patient films are included). The programme includes an emphasis on team working; how psoriasis care is addressed in primary and secondary care settings; including multi-disciplinary teamwork and referral to secondary care in the UK.

Psoriasis in Practice is focused for non-specialist care nurses and healthcare professionals, who want to expand their learning and understand more about psoriasis care; the programme is designed to provide nurses and healthcare professionals with the opportunity to develop themselves in learning about psoriasis care and improving care and support for psoriasis patients.

The course can be accessed via any compatible device, computer, mobile and tablet. So you can start on one device and continue on another 24/7 (it remembers how much you have completed), at your own pace, in your own time and at your own convenience. Learn in bite sized chunks, whatever works well for your continuing learning needs.

E-Learning course for primary care nurses and other healthcare professionals:

Course details:

  • Evidence-based content
  • Includes latest NICE and SMC guidance
  • Images
  • Signs
  • Symptoms
  • Patients perspective and personal stories (video interviews)
  • Treatment options
  • Worth 10-study hours
  • Certificate issued on completion by RCN Centre for Professional Accreditation

Cost of course £50 (FREE places are available)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis means to people and how their quality of life may be compromised.
  • Recognise that psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are more than a skin and joint condition.
  • Be able to advise people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis on managing their condition effectively.
  • Know when patients need more help and when to refer to specialist services.

The course is only available to registered healthcare professionals and other suitably accredited individuals. 

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