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Feeling Stressed, Anxious, or low because of your skin condition?

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Researchers at the University of Sheffield are looking for volunteers to test whether online self-help is useful for people who experience psychological distress in relation to their skin condition. 

The self-help materials they have developed are based on Compassion-Focused Therapy, which has been developed for people who experience shame and self-criticism. The research has focused on one component of this, called mindfulness, which is a type of mental training where you practice focusing your attention and developing an accepting attitude towards yourself. 

In previous studies, mindfulness has been found to improve skin healing and quality of life for people living with psoriasis. The group are interested in whether a self-help booklet and audio guide can be used to teach these skills effectively to people with a range of skin conditions, who also experience difficulties such as low mood, stress, or anxiety.

If eligible, you can choose to be entered into the study, and will receive the self-help materials by email either straight away, or after a short waiting period. You will also be asked to complete a set of questionnaires several times during the study, to see whether the materials are effective.

All participants who complete the study will be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher. 

This study has received ethical approval from the Department of Psychology ethics committee at the University of Sheffield