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Psoriatic Arthritis An Introduction (1)

Understanding psoriatic arthritis is often a difficult task, sometimes a simple introduction will help, not only for those that it affects, but also for anyone with an interest and wanting to learn more about this inflammatory condition. 

The leaflet has been written to provide basic knowledge, as a lead to other more detailed material that PAPAA produces. Written to replace a previous leaflet called Psoriatic Arthritis: Did you know? this fully redrafted material includes information on types of psoriatic arthritis, getting a diagnosis, living with, genetics, psychological burden, treatments, prognosis, progression and monitoring.

The contents were developed and reviewed by a lay review panel including people affected by psoriatic arthritic with medical input from a leading specialist in psoriatic arthritis.

You can get a free copy of the leaflet from our online shop or download a copy.