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Managing psoriatic arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis Management Cover Image Only
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The management of psoriatic arthritis has made significant strides in recent years. It is not so long ago that the only options for those affected by the condition were very limited. For someone being diagnosed in the 21st century the future is much more optimistic, the likelihood of finding an appropriate way of managing the symptoms is clearer.

To provide a useful understanding of how the management of psoriatic arthritis is now delivered, we have produced a new leaflet called Psoriatic Arthritis: Management. The leaflet has been written to help people understand more about how the condition is currently managed, who is involved in the ongoing monitoring, what treatments may be offered, including options, decisions, planning and assessment. 

The material takes the reader through the period of time following diagnosis with a list of those individuals they are likely to encounter when beginning treatment. Other sections include the planning of the treatment, the person’s role in shared decision making, what would be included in the assessments, best practice and current available therapies. Other sections include why certain options would be considered, when review takes place and the management of follow up appointments.

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