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Stay strong

Well I've had psoriasis for approximately four years now. It started off as a small area on my scalp and stayed there for a year or so, I'd first thought it was dandruff. Over the years it's spread over my back, face, arms, chest, legs  and groin. To begin with it was just plaque, but over the past six months I’ve gained guttate as well.

It's affected my confidence badly to the stage I'm now also being treated for depression and anxiety. It's affected my work life in that my employers regularly hold meetings with me and move me around my workplace.

I've always kept as positive an attitude as possible and tried to explain psoriasis to others who would ask, recently while out shopping a young girl asked me about my arms, as I began to explain her mother dragged her away screaming about how she shouldn't talk to dirty contagious people who don't wash.

There have been few benefits from psoriasis to be honest. The main benefit I have noticed however is the overwhelming support I have received from my family and friends over it. Not once have they turned their backs on me.

I know it is hard to stay positive with this, but I strongly believe that were only given the challenges that were capable of enduring and overcoming.

Stay strong.

Submitted by a 27 old male living in Northern Ireland

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