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People look at me and think there is nothing wrong

I've had patches of psoriasis on my head and body since I was about 10 years old. Steroid creams are useless [for me]. Then joint pain and arthritis symptoms started when I was 26 and they all came on really quickly affecting every joint in my body from the jaw down.

I managed to work still whilst in a lot of pain but everything became difficult and I managed to put myself into remission after a strict vegan diet. Then it all came back again a couple years later along with severe depression and anxiety. My life went on hold. I discovered certain foods would make it worse saturated fat, vinegar, cooked tomatoes, meat, spicy food and alcohol. But my symptoms point to both psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis and it's taken 3 specialists over the course of 6 years to be able to finally receive some help and clear direction.

People look at me and think there's nothing wrong with me until I show the deformities of my hands. They think I'm too young for all this to happen as "it only happens to old people". How untrue!

The list of possible other affects from the disease does scare me but reading others stories makes you feel less alone and at ease and along with the support of great friends and family you can definitely get through it.

I've chosen to try beat this naturally with diet along with professional care as I feel food is also medicine, there's something in our bodies that it doesn't like so let's put something into it which it does like.

The tiredness is also terrible but I don't want life to stop. So the best thing I can do is stay positive and look after myself.

Eat well, live well and steer clear of stress!

Submitted by a 33 year old female living in England.

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