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Methotrexate has been a miracle for me

I have had psoriasis for 10 years now.  About a year ago my rheumatologist who put me on methotrexate, retired, so I was taken off my medication by a new rheumatologist due to high liver function test.

Since then I broke out with plaques all over my body again, nothing else I've tried has helped I've been miserable for 9 months so I had him refer me to a dermatologist, she put me back on methotrexate 2-weeks ago.

Since then they have healed about 50% no more itching or burning my scalp barely flakes I feel so much better. I tried secukinumab which I started 5-months ago, no change, it's been a ride, depressed, uncomfortable to the point that I felt like I was going crazy from burning and itching.

I know everyone's different, but methotrexate has been a miracle for me.

Submitted by 41-year-old female living outside the UK

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