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Life must go on!

My story started in 2015. I woke one night with shooting pains down my right arm. It was so bad that I paced the floor for hours. No painkillers helped. It left me with numb fingers.

The following month I had a similar scenario with my left arm. Having changed jobs, I thought the heavy plates I had to carry had caused an injury. The pain and numbness persisted and my wrists became so painful that I had permanent support bandages on.

I developed pain behind my right shoulder blade, especially breathing in. My left foot and right knee, both ankles also became swollen. The pain on waking in the morning, trying to dress and go to work this is something I hope never return!

The doctor prescribed naproxen and hoped it might help, with a referral to rheumatology. I waited three months until the appointment. The rheumatologist gave me an injection. It did nothing to relieve the pain.

Three months again and steroids were prescribed. They virtually gave me my life back. Unfortunately, they are only short term, and now I am on methotrexate.

I had to go back for more steroids last week, as I could not move my hands. I do not think the methotrexate is working as it should, but I have an appointment next week.

I have good days and bad, but work through them. My job is intense and physical, so I am exhausted and do not find the time to exercise, as is recommended. I am wondering if I could request a different drug to help.

I get angry at the prospect of having to be like this and frequently get annoyed enough to cry, but the birth of our first grand daughter has lifted my spirits, and life must go on!

Submitted by a 58 old female living in England.

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