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I've almost found the me, I thought I'd lost.

Shortly after the birth of my daughter I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  Very soon after this diagnosis I began to notice my finger nails looked different. Clippings after clippings were sent away to check for fungal infections and were clear. Then my knees became very painful, hot and would swell. Each time I went to my Drs they would say "they don't look bad today" my bloods were checked and although showed higher inflammation markers I was told not enough to worry about.

Over a period of a few months they got worse. I went from relying on a walking stick to crutches to that day, when I was shuffling about my flat using a Zimmer frame. I called my Dr who came to visit me at home. She was shocked! My knees were so swollen they were bigger than my thighs.  I was admitted to hospital and tests were carried out. They tried to drain fluid and I had injections in both knees and diagnosed me with psoriatic arthritis.  After trial and error in different types of meds I'm now better than I've ever been.

I've almost found the me I thought I'd lost.

Submitted by a 40 Year old female living in Scotland

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