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It seems like my joint pain is not as bad now

I have had problems with the skin and associated arthritis since 1977; My GP has started me on B12 injections and D3 medications. It seems like my joint pain is not as bad now although the scaring is still a problem. I am now frightened to use any creams now because of the skin thinning although flaking has reduced, my GP is frightened because of my type-II Diabetes, my skin will start to bleed and not heal. However now I am using goat milk and honey soap to add moisture to my skin. They are now reducing my tramadol and hope to take me off them in the new year. However I will still need to take my COX-2 medication. They will eventually take me of my amitriptyline at the same time. So looking back to the summer, the B12 injections seem to be helping. Has anyone else been introduced to above way to treat skin concerns?

Submitted by a 69 year old male living in England

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