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It helps to share

I have had trouble with my heels splitting for several years, I was referred to the dermatology dept and diagnosed with psoriasis. I have had multiple treatments and at the moment have had 7 PUVA treatments. Sometimes they are OK but most of the time I have to put dressings on, and bandage so I can walk without pain.

It has affected all aspects of my life, and also financially as I have searched for miracle cures! I feel guilty after reading others problems because mine is not really visible to anyone else, but it is debilitating. I have had to retire from nursing, although I would have worked longer(I am 67) Also I had to stop line dancing, long walks and bowls. When they are good and I don't have to bandage I feel wonderful.

It helps to share this with others and I'm pleased I found this site.

Submitted by a 67 year female living England

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