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I'm positive and optimistic

Most people do not seem to be conscious of the need for a healthy skin until they have a problem, possibly because most people seem to be able to get away with it; but for a few of us it is not so easy.

People with skin conditions such as psoriasis can invariably benefit greatly from regular doses of controlled sunlight; the trick is not to over-do it in the first instance, then find the minimum and safe number of repeat doses to maintain a healthy skin.

I have suffered from psoriasis for a number of years and for a long time it was not too serious. It spread from my scalp to a leg, then across my back at waist level, which was a nuisance, but by-and-large I ignored it. Then all of a sudden it spread to parts of my body that other beers cannot reach, including my face with bits of skin, like grit getting into my eyes.

At this stage in the proceedings I started to panic; I did not have enough hands to scratch all the itches at once. Over a period of years I had been taking a number of medicines.

Having worked my way through the normal list of prescribed medicines and side effects, I tried Chinese ointment for the psoriasis which cleared my skin in three weeks but returned in a further six and attended the Homoeopathic Hospital in London for a year without any noticeable improvement, in either the psoriasis or the pain in my knees.

Some sources of information link arthritis and psoriasis with the retention of toxins in the body and stress. So as part of my programme of self help, I use the "Hay System" of "Food Combining" for health, which is not a diet; you can eat as much as you like. The idea is that you "Don't Mix Foods That Fight" simply by not eating starch and protein foods together at the same meal. Eaten separately foods can be digested and evacuated more easily and your general health improved as a result.

A common and effective method of applying medication in Spain is the use of suppositories. The last few inches of your bowel is able to absorb medicine!! If it can do that: it can also absorb toxins from body waste which is held in the intestines for too long (as in constipation)! and the "Hay method of eating" solves these problems at a stroke.

Unrelieved stress does not help digestion, arthritis or psoriasis so in addition to "Food Combining" I have taken up Yoga, because with practice it produces a feeling of peace, both in the body and mind. It consists of relaxed gentle exercise, controlled breathing, control of the mind and meditation.

Yoga represents balanced moderation; it has become apparent that there is far more to it than just performing a number of exercises slowly. I am still very much a novice, so I have some way to go before I can expect to see any tangible results, but I do believe that "You are what you eat and what you think".

I have yet to investigate and set up a vitamin routine.

Having investigated the purchase of Ultraviolet "A and B" sunray lamps versus the cost of a medicinal holiday to the Dead Sea, I found the cheapest option (which was immediately available) was to go to a Health Club and use their sun bed.

I have information about UV tubes and skin sensitivity, my score being below 12 (Type 1 skin) and of Celtic origin; so I needed to exercise some care.

As a general guide, I was told, no one should have more than 20 sun bed sessions a year. Almost 40,000 people get skin cancer every year in Britain; 1,600 of them die. Sun beds can cause eye infections such as conjunctivitis and even cataracts. It is essential to always wear goggles.

If you are under 40 you should be especially careful. Fifty per cent of all malignant melanomas begin as moles. Consult your GP if you notice any of the following signs: asymmetry, changes in colour. border irregularities, and diameter change.

I did enquire about prescribed UV treatment, but typical hospital methods involve taking drugs to make your body (and eyes) more sensitive to the Ultraviolet light and then, after treatment, you must wear dark glasses and keep all your skin covered and away from daylight for 24 hours. It seems to make hard work out of what is essentially a simple procedure.

I will continue my search for a treatment that suits me, I’m positive and optimistic that I will succeed!!

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