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I try not to fight it, but accept my condition

I try to keep positive despite the aches and pains and to keep active. I still work full time as a Taxi Driver but make no secret of my condition to friends family and everyone. I do have days when I feel exhausted but I use those days to do things like reading, letter writing etc. I find pacing myself helps on other days and admitting when I feel tired! I try not to fight it but accept my condition and then get on with my life (sometimes with limitations). I do still dance when I can even if I do feel extremely tired the next day and today I made apple chutney which is why I am now sat down writing this and recovering from standing up for a while! And I do as much in the garden as I can on a regular basis Yes I do get depressed sometimes but know that its just part of the condition

Submitted by a 60 year old female living in England

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