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I hope I am not alone

I just want to share my story, ‘living with psoriasis’. I am a student at the age of 23. I was diagnosed with psoriasis a few years back I was not really worried as it was not very noticeable. 

Over the years I have noticed my psoriasis getting a lot worse firstly starting from the elbows then gradually spreading to scalp, abdomen, lower-back, lower-legs and now my fingers.

I am usually a positive person and always motivate others when they need that little push in life. I’m a student in a healthcare background and I attend long extended  placements. I feel uncomfortable within myself as patients notice my condition and ask questions. 

I feel alienated from society and at times I feel low and lonely. I have tried treatments from my GP but with no luck it hasn’t swept away my symptoms. I have intense flare-ups causing my affected sites to be red, dry and inflamed which results me staying indoors.

I feel this condition has an impact on my life as I cannot enjoy life as a ordinary 23 year old. In the past I had ambitions to travel the world and experience different cultures/meet new people, however this condition has shattered my ambitions and made me feel contempt.


Submitted by a 23 year old male living England

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