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I feel no one is helping me

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 3 years ago and been on methotrexate until last May when the rheumatologist said I have fibromyalgia and took me off methotrexate.

Since then I have been on every painkiller and ended up housebound with the severe pain in my feet, knees, ankles, hands wrists and lower back and hips.

I have been trying to get rheumatologist to reply to my doctor to say why he took me off methotrexate and my condition had worse. I had paid private since 2011 until November last year, as cannot afford private health now I am not working.

I have waited months to see an  NHS rheumatologist and saw her on in March, and had x-rays on hands and feet done, now NHS rheumatologist is awaiting word back from original rheumatologist of which he has not replied as he also did not reply when doctor wrote to him.

I feel no one is helping me and I just want my life back and answers as to when my bloods were fine and methotrexate was helping why can't they put me back on it, as I have no life now, housebound and relying on family to help.

I have had plantar fasciitis since last August, and have now to go for ultrasound on feet. I was wanting to know if anyone has been taken off methotrexate and given named substitute to stop psoriatic arthritis, except every painkiller, which only dull the pain, my fingers and toes are bending in and I would appreciate if anyone has answers as what I can do.

Submitted by 48 year old female living in Scotland.

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