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Free printed information resources

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A full list of what's available

Leaflets for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

Below is the complete list of printed leaflets we are able to supply free of charge to both patients and healthcare professionals.  To order please visit our shop or contact us.


Title Code ISBN Number Publication date
About us AP/01/20 9781906143305 Jan 2020
Clinical trials an overview CT/02/20 9781906143060 Feb 2020
Emollients and psoriasis EMO/04/19 9781906143299  Apr 2019
Genital psoriasis GEN/01/17 9781906143206 Jan 2017
Nail psoriasis NP/06/18 9781906143244 June 2018
Occupational therapy and psoriatic arthritis OT/01/17 9781906143251 Jan 2017
Physiotherapy and exercise: Psoriatic arthritis PHYS/02/20 9781906143053 Feb 2020
Psoriasis and phototherapy PHOTO/04/18 9781906143268 Apr 2018
Psoriasis and sensitive areas PSEN/06/18 9781906143176 Jun 2018
Psoriasis and the heart PSH/02/19 9781906143091 Feb 2019
Psoriasis and the sun SUN/06/18 9781906143282 Jun 2018
Psoriatic arthritis: Did you know? DIDYOU/04/19 9781906143145 Apr 2019
Psoriatic arthritis: When to treat WHEN/04/18 9781906143138 Apr 2018
Psoriatic fatigue PSFT/05/18 9781906143350 May 2018
Psoriatic lifestyle and nutrition PLN/02/20 9781906143343 Feb 2020
Psychological aspects of psoriasis PAP/07/18 9781906143213 Jun 2018
Pustular psoriasis PUST/04/17 9781906143190 Apr 2017
Scalp psoriasis SCALP/06/18 9781906143275 Jun 2018
Psoriatic foot PF/04/19 9781906143329 Apr 2019
Treatments for psoriasis TPSO/06/17 9781906143220 Jun 2017
Treatments for psoriatic arthritis TPSA/02/20 9781906143237 Feb 2020
What is psoriasis? WPS/05/18 9781906143084 Apr 2018
What is psoriatic arthritis? WPSA/03/18 9781906143077 Mar 2018


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