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New edition of Skin 'n' Bones Connection

Skin n Bones 38.jpg

Skin 'n' Bones Connection issue 38 winter 2013. In our latest edition, we have articles about a study on aggressively treating psoriatic arthritis. An article on the comorbidities associated with psoriasis that has arisen from recent research, which gives the risk of developing  diseases such as those associated with the kidneys.

We also focus on the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, which has produced a report on radical changes recommended to pharmacist to take an active role in treating those with common illnesses.

The main feature of this issue is a review of the psychological burden of psoriasis and cites many problems, many well known to those with psoriasis but are often not fully recognised.

The following is the full contents list of issue 38:

  • New psoriatic arthritis study
  • Psoriasis beyond the skin
  • Radical changes to pharmacists
  • Confused? You will be
  • Copper bracelets
  • Psychological burden of psoriasis
  • Diclofenic
  • Drug driving law
  • New prescribing legislation
  • Psoriasis in practice
  • Writings on the wall     ... plus much more.

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