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My employment is on hold because of my condition

My father was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis about a year ago. I experienced a lot of flaking and itchiness around my scalp, at first I thought it's just an ordinary dandruff, but it wasn't at all.

When my father was diagnosed with psoriasis, I immediately searched online about psoriasis and found out that it's hereditary. Among the three siblings, I'm the only one who inherited it. Things got worse, when I entered college, the stress are going on and on, and so was my psoriasis.

It was on February 2016 that I decided to visit a dermatologist. She told me about the condition and said that it was not curable. It is just all about taking care of yourself and maintenance.

A few months passed, I took the board exam and pass, to become a registered radiological technologist. I applied to a prestigious institution here in the Philippines; passed the exams and the interviews.

And then I had to have a medical examination, things has gone smoothly until the doctor asked me about my family history, being honest, I told her that we have a history of psoriasis. My heart broke down as she told me that my employment is on hold because of my condition. The institution will not allow me to work in a stressful environment such as the hospital. All my hard work has been wasted because of my condition, I want that job badly, what is wrong with having psoriasis, I can still do the job like the those without psorasis. It hurts me a lot that I cannot serve the hospital and help the patients because of my condition.

Submitted by a 21 old female living outside the UK.

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