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I now have psoriasis back after 20 years

I have had psoriasis since the age of 12; it changed my life from going out socially to becoming home bound never having the confidence to go out in the daytime, only in the dark hours.

For years I was like this, fortunately my friends never knew I had psoriasis as I covered it up with the clothes I wore. When I got pregnant and my hormones changed my psoriasis went away until after my baby was born.

It came back after 4-months slowly, especially on my joints (elbows and knees, it cracked and bled when I tried bending my elbows, I was given a betnovate cream by my doctor, but the psoriasis got immune to the cream as it was a steroid and inflamed it more and made it itch.

I then had injections of red coloured liquid I do not know what this was called, but it made the psoriasis slowly go away after 6 injections I now have psoriasis back after 20 years in my scalp as I have blood disorders through diabetes.

Submitted by 64-year-old female living in Scotland

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