pdf Psoriasis and the Sun

The benefit for psoriasis comes from UVB, one of the forms of ultraviolet light (UV) that comes from the sun. There are three forms: UVA, UVB and UVC.

pdf Psoriatic Arthritis: Did you know?

An information leaflet with bullett point facts on
• The genetics of psoriatic arthritis, • The nail changes present in psoriatic arthritis, • Psoriatic arthritis and pregnancy.

pdf Psoriatic Arthritis when to treat

Leaflet showing that there has been much recent work carried out on the genetic predisposition to the condition of psoriatic arthritis although nothing is as yet fully clarified.

pdf Psoriatic fatigue: Why do I feel so tired?

A leaflet that has been written to help you understand what fatigue is and why it happens in people with psoriatic disease. We will also address myths and misconceptions and generally how to cope and manage the symptoms.

pdf The Psoriatic Foot

This leaflet is written to help you understand what can happen to the feet when affected by psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis.

pdf Psoriatic Lifestyle and Nutrition

A leaflet written to help you understand how healthier lifestyle choices and nutrition affect weight loss, general health and the impact of psoriasis.

pdf Psychological aspects of psoriasis

Living with psoriasis can be challenging, stressful and even distressing. This can have a negative impact on an individual’s life and even affect their psoriasis. This information aims to describe the different ways that psoriasis may make you feel, think and behave. It also offers some practical…

pdf Pustular Psoriasis

The main distinguishing feature of pustular psoriasis is the appearance of pus spots surrounded by red skin. However this does not mean that there is any infection present.

pdf Scalp Psoriasis

As the term suggests, scalp psoriasis is psoriasis involving the scalp. It is common and approximately half of all people with psoriasis have it on their scalp.

pdf Treatments for Psoriasis: An overview

This leaflet has been written to help you understand the treatments that are currently available to treat psoriasis. It is not designed as a replacement for your doctor's advice and no single treatment is recommended in preference to any othe

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