Psoriasis and increased risk of migraine

In recent years, several large studies have found an association between psoriasis and migraine.  This is perhaps not entirely surprising, given that both conditions share several underlying mechanisms, connected with inflammation.  But how strong is the relationship and what implications does this have for the management of psoriatic patients? 

All in the mind - psoriasis and depression

It is well known that depression is common in those with psoriasis.  In fact, of all conditions that co-occur with psoriasis, depression is the most common, affecting up to 80% of patients with the condition1,2. Depression not only makes life miserable for sufferers; it increases the risk of psoriatic arthritis and worsens treatment outcomes and…

Pregnancy and psoriasis – for better or for worse?

Pregnancy is clearly associated with profound changes in the female hormonal environment, especially oestrogen and progestogen.  These changes may modulate the biological and immune responses in the skin and contribute to anecdotal reports of an improvement in psoriasis during pregnancy.  Most of the published studies are retrospective and reflect …

Is there a gender difference in the severity of psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a common skin condition with a prevalence of 2-4% in the Western world.

Whilst the prevalence increases more rapidly with age in young female patients (i.e., age <20 years) compared with young male patients, thereafter, the prevalence of psoriasis is similar in both sexes.

Whilst the prevalence of the disease is similar in males…