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As a patient-centred charity PAPAA is commited to Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) and consults with people affected by both conditions and as part of that process has developed a psoriasis lay user group, which along with its medical advisory panel helps to provide positive solutions to manage psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Role of group
The group consists of representative volunteers who have the condition or are directly affected by the condition; this may include partners, parents and children.

The role of the group is to provide PAPAA with front-line views of what is appropriate and relevant to patients, by identifying gaps and helping us to plug them. In most cases this will be to review output from the charity in the form of information, educational and awareness material, which will be available freely to those who are most in need.

From time to time the reviewers may be asked to contribute to wider consultations, surveys or to attend meetings which need input from people affected by the conditions.

PAPAA aims to be inclusive and wants to empower people to take an active part in the way that their disease is managed and treated within the UK healthcare systems.

The role of the lay reviewer is not aimed at being too demanding and reviewers are under no obligation to do anything with which they feel uncomfortable. Any contribution however small, will be valued.

PAPAA Patient and Public Involvement Panel 
If you would like to get involved in any of our psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patient and public involvement activities, please contact us.

General comments and feedback
PAPAA also wishes to get feedback from non group members who want to provide views and ideas, this can be done by adding comments on some page within this site or by sending them directly to us via the methods indicated on the contact us page.

We want to hear from you so do other people with these conditions. You can also provide comments via Facebook or Twitter

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