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Why not help us to continue our work by making a donation to support us and psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis research?

Gift Aid
Why not Gift Aid it? If you are a UK Taxpayer we can recover the tax.
If you make a £10 donation the Taxman will add £2.50 so in total we receive £12.50

Tax refund nomination
An individual can nominate on their Tax Return, all or part of any Tax Refund due them to be paid to a charity.

If you complete a Self Assessment Return and are entitled to a repayment you can choose to have all or part of it sent directly to a charity of your choice. You can also ask that the repayment is made as a Gift Aid donation. HMRC will send your refund (plus any Gift Aid repayment where applicable) directly to your charity by electronic transfer.

In order to use Self Assessment Donate you need to enter a unique reference code for your charity in the space provided on your Self Assessment Return.

The Psoriatic and Psoriatic Arthritis Alliance Unique Tax Code is KAT19KG.

Advantages for you
Once you have completed your Self Assessment Return you don’t need to do anything else.
If you complete a full Self Assessment Return you can choose to make your donation including the Gift Aid element anonymously. The anonymity option is not available if you complete a short SA Return.

Advantages for PAPAA
The charity receives your donation directly into its bank account.
If you chose to Gift Aid the donation the Gift Aid refund is paid automatically without the charity having to make a claim. Click here to donate by post

Justgiving lets you donate to PAPAA online, set up your own fundraising page for an event, in memoriam or any actvity which you wish to promote to raise funds. It’s easy, quick and tax-friendly

The Charities Aid Foundation
The Charities Aid Foundation is a registered charity that works to create greater value for charities and social enterprise, by transforming the way donations are made and the way charitable funds are managed to donate via CAF Charity Account online.

Please note:
PAPAA is not responsible for the content of external internet sites

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